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Birthdate:Jul 1
Location:United States of America

*Bows head in honour* Many thanks, [info]dorkphoenyx

I adopted a cute lil' poison fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Name: Pyrayton Svaenohr [pie-ray-tun zvay-nor], call me Pi or Svaenohr. (Svaenohr is a word from the language of one of my kin-types, means "Shadow." No idea what Pyrayton means.

Age: 32.

Gender and pronouns: Agender. Preferred pronouns are zie/zir, xe/xir, or they/their.

Kintype(s): Shapeshifter/Alien kin/Daemonkin [day-mun-kin] (Daemons in that universe are half-matter, half-energy beings. No relation to demons.)

Religion: Pagan. My Goddess is Medusa.

Sexuality: Pansexual and polyamorous.

Favorite colors: Black and red.

Description: Dark being, mostly calm personality, but many times a day I have feral moments where I express emotions in animalistic ways (growling, hissing, purring, etc).

While I can consciously shapeshift my internal form, it often shifts at random through the day to random beings. One minute I can be perfectly human, the next minute I feel like a robot or a demon, or I may spontaneously astral project. It can be annoying at times.

I am frequently frustrated by being confined to this unchanging meatsuit, wishing to be free to shapeshift physically into anything and everything, but such is life as a human.

I am a shapeshifter (AKA Polymorph) and kind of a dark creature, preferring dark and cool environments. My mental form is humanoid, lightly muscled, with green skin, brown hair, and very distinctive ears. They're kind of like rabbit ears, but narrower and pointier, and the base of the ears looks like the base of Shrek's ears. I have tried drawing them, and I cannot.

My mental form also has sharp teeth, retractable claws, and yellow eyes a bit like dragon eyes. The nose is never the same; sometimes it's a human nose, other times it's like Voldemort's nose in the movie, and other times it's a protruding snout.

My personality is very animalistic in certain ways. I snort and chuff, growl or hiss for various reasons. I also have a sort-of purr I do occasionally, and I have this sharp hiss I emit when I am suddenly surprised by light and/or bright sunlight, or when I find something distasteful, from the stench of baby's-breath flowers, to distasteful opinions/words from people. I am nocturnal, preferring the darkness, and cool temperatures (but not cold temperatures).

I am an omnivore, technically. I prefer meat to vegetables, but some vegetables are good.

My species is... well, there's this story I wrote wherein there are these alternate dimensions populated by beings known as Daemons [day-munz], which are beings of flesh that can turn into things that are not flesh. My species is called Vrayshrah, and they are capable of changing into anything they so desire. Me, I am stuck in this unchanging meat-suit.

On this blog is mostly my poetry, because I am still attempting to figure out how to port Twitter posts to here. My main active blog is on Tumblr: Svaenohr on Tumblr.


If you do not like me, fine; you are entitled to your opinion. I will not bother wasting precious energy caring about the opinions of strangers on the Internet. I will not tolerate bullying, however, and will block and report anyone who attempts to bully me. I have no patience for drama.
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