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It is getting warmer. And sunnier. Ugh. Spring is coming. Blech! I hate spring and summer. Especially summer. The evil yellow daystar hurts me, and the heat makes me feel like I'm being cooked. I prefer a dark, moist, cool environment. I LOVE Portland's winters for that reason.

Hell, there are times when the grey winter sunlight of Portland is too bright for my eyes. I'm the only person I know who wears sunglasses in winter, here.

I am not looking forward to summer at all. During the day in summer, I either have to go away to somewhere with air conditioning, or lay around the house all day naked in front of the fan, taking a shower every hour just to get the cooling sensation of the evaporating water.

Though this summer may be slightly better. I intend to take cold-water baths this summer, sitting in the water as long as I can. Also, I have a friend's house I can visit, come to think of it. (Lilla's.)

About the only good thing about the summer is that I get even more nocturnal than usual, since the much cooler nights are great for going out on walks. I come alive at night in spring and summer even more than usual.
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I am a creature of the darkness, the coolness, the quiet, and the moistness. I can live without the moistness. I can tolerate bright light, as long as I have my sunglasses and maybe a hat on. But I have very low tolerance for heat and noise. The heat makes me irritable in the extreme. It was 99 F earlier, with no breeze, and even in the shade I was so damned uncomfortable that when the driver of the bus I was supposed to get told me he wasn't in service, I almost grabbed ahold of the bus and shouted, "YOU'RE LETTING ME ON NOW!" But I refrained. I growled, though. It was 10 minutes for the next one, and I was ready to rip someone's throat out by the time it finally came.

If I'd known it was going to be that damned hot out, I would have stayed in the darkness and coolness of my apartment. I may not have air conditioning, but I keep my apartment so dark during the day that the living room is a full 20 degrees cooler, I think, than the outside.

As for noise... noise can give me powerful headaches. It can exhaust me. Especially psychic noise. Human beings are toxic to me, some more than others. I can take that toxicity in small doses and be fine, but in large doses they tend to leave me in a mess. Yet I find I have a higher tolerance for people who are pagan, left-hand path, pagan-friendly, or LHP-friendly. They put out less toxic psychic noise, for some reason.


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