Aug. 14th, 2016

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"Summer, or 'An Aria of Death'"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

The Eye of Sauron's bigger brother burns across the sky,
People bow in worship though it makes us suffer, die.
Its rays like lava acid lasers sizzling on my flesh,
Its screaming radiation song an aria of death.

From the sickness of its deadly heat, a kiln I live in now,
Though I might be cooler as baking clay or barbequed as cow.
Its sickness takes my strength away somewhere I cannot find,
And a molasses river's sluggish flow could now outrun my mind.

I hiss and spit in angry rage and meaningless defiance,
At this evil screaming firey eye, on which life is reliant.
My hatred knows no bounds and my fury's come alive,
I cannot wait for winter, the time that I thrive.

For all the Westerosans speak of winter coming soon,
If they saw this summer's sun, then they would know doom.
I wish to burrow underground, live in some nice cool cave,
Instead I worry summer's heat will bring an early grave.

Damn-ed be the ones who glory in evil's light!
With this verse I curse the sun and call forth the night!
May the black clouds blot the sun and bring about the rain!
May the cooling sky waters wash away my pain!

Curse-ed be the sunbathers, risking melanomal death!
With this verse I curse the sun and call for night's cool breath!
May the grey return unto this land and bring its rain so cool!
May the summer sun begone for good, to curse some other fool!


Aug. 14th, 2016 08:45 pm
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This is what the heat does to me: I slept through most of the day, I did not wake up until 7 PM. I actually got plenty of sleep for once. But it is 8:40 now, and I already am tired enough that I wish to go back to bed.


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