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The other day, I was thinking that I wish I could be a Vrayshra for real. But then I thought about it some more, and realized that I'd have to also wish for a tame phoenix to go with that wish. Why? Because Vrayshra do not just eat meat. Like the Wraith of Stargate Atlantis, we eat the life-force of our prey. We do not eat sentients, though, as it is dishonorable and unethical. But I got to thinking about it... being a Vrayshra on Earth would be difficult, without a tame phoenix to feed from.1 You see, that life force powers our magic, and we use our magic to hunt and shapeshift. The amount of life-force we can get out of a prey is relative to the prey species' lifespan would be without us eating it. In other words, the longer lived the species, the more we get out of it. So... if we were to be a real, biological Vrayshra on Earth without a phoenix to feed from, it would be hard. We'd feed on the seagulls, pigeons, and rodents at first, but all of those are rather short-lived, so it would hardly be worth the effort. We could feed off the English Ivy that plagues the area, but again, it might not be worth the effort; or barely so. We have too much respect for redwoods and sequoias to go off in search of those for food, and that food wouldn't last terribly long either. Same goes for galapagos tortoises.

So, basically, we would be forced to feed off of humans, which - as stated - is dishonorable and unethical. We might try to mitigate the dishonor a bit by feeding off of dangerous individuals and unsavory political or entertainment people like Glenn Beck, but, well... not only is the amount of life force we can get out of a prey dependant on its potential lifespan, it's also affected by how much of its life has already passed, meaning children and infants would be much better meals than adult humans. Since that would be an abhorrent dishonor, we wouldn't want to do that. Hence the need for a phoenix: we could feed off a phoenix as much as we wanted to without hurting it.

1 = Phoenixes have infinite lifespan, so they have infinite life-force. A Vrayshra could feed off a phoenix several times a day for thousands (nay, millions or billion) of years without hurting it. (That is, if Vrayshra lived that long.)


Nov. 30th, 2010 05:18 pm
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In a future one of her "dark sorceress Lady Lyria Spellspinner" stories, [ profile] fayanora is planning on having one of my people, the Vrayshra (formerly known as Omni-Daemons) in a story. He will be a chieftan of his tribe. We decided not to name him after me, as that could potentially be Mary-Sue. Lolita Leigh Smith doesn't count because she came from her story into our head, whereas I was hiding in the mind for a very long time and just happen to be a member of one of the "Playground of the Gods"1 storyverse's species, the Vrayshra.

This was due in part to my fronting last night as we returned home from the movie theater. We all talked, and she got the idea that there should be a Vrayshra in the story. She came up with a Vrayshra character named Hyurot. This new character will be introduced along with another revived character from the PGotGs storyverse: Zyalihn.

1 = The Lyria stories take place in the fantasy storyverse Fayanora originally came up with for a story she was calling Playground of the Gods.


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