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I shall never understand being prejudiced against someone for the physical appearance of their meatsuit, for the coloration and shape of the meat their spirit controls. What does it matter if their meat suit is brown and yours is peach? What does it matter if their meat suit has narrower eyes than yours? How does it impact your life if their hair is coarser than yours? We are all made of meat, we are all going to die some day, and all that will remain of us will be skeletons, decaying meat, and the memories of us in the heads of those who still live. And if that is all we leave behind, would you rather be remembered as a kind, compassionate soul who was nice to people of all meatsuit varieties, or would you rather be remembered as an insufferable racist fuckbrain that pissed people off?

And for those of us who are not full KKK bigoted, but still have some small racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc tendencies that have infected our brains like the memetic viruses they are, would you rather take the small amount of effort to attempt to purge those viruses from your mind in order to be remembered more fondly by more people, or would you rather take personal offense at every attempt to point out your memetic ailment and thus make yourself look like an insufferable fuckbrain?

Or does it not matter to you? Perhaps to you, any remembrance past death is fine by you, even if you are immortalized in people's minds as a horrible person? I can see the appeal... people do talk about Hitler and Stalin more than they talk of MLK. But think on this: the more people are horrible, the less impressive it gets, until everyone is horrible and you no longer stand out in the crowd, and you are forgotten.

But if you do care to be remembered positively, maybe you have a better shot at immortality. People tend to remember those who left a positive impression on the world more, and they remember more names of such people. Even if everyone in the world becomes good, the names of the good, of people who helped make the world better, will still be remembered. Utopia can come, and people will still talk of the pioneers of peace. But if everyone turns out horrible some day, who will remember the pioneers of hatred? Those names will get lost in the morass.

If your fire burns only so long, why not use it to warm the cold and cook for the hungry, rather than for burning down buildings and setting people on fire?
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“Electric Meat”
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

"I am flesh, and flesh is weak.
I am just electric meat.
And in my brain a quantum song
drags my twitching meat along."

"I am a spirit here for sightseeing,
Literally a human, being.
Deathless energy bound to this earth,
Death not an end, just a rebirth."

Emergent property or soul divine?
Which truth today do I make mine?
Did spirit and matter one day enmesh?
Or is the mind created by flesh?

Is there a difference? Maybe both!
Maybe souls are seeds of growth?
God/dess eggs in meat and bone,
And death is Zir* children coming home?

Either way, the flesh is weak.
Would that I weren't made of meat.
We are too fragile, too close to dying,
We can end ourselves just barely trying.

I want a body that will never know death!
A body that grows stronger with every breath!
“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger” is such a myth,
But what if weren't? I want that, forthwith!

Or if not that, then pull back the veil,
For tis the unknown at which we quail.
Give us the certainty, one way or another:
Total end, or return to The Mother?

I don't understand why we don't understand
How and why we're born to this land!
Why must we have fear, the ground to beat?
Are we spirits in bodies, or just electric meat?


* = Zir, a genderless pronoun, is pronounced "zeer."
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Inspired by American Horror Story: Freak Show, and by a post made about how "monster" used to mean a freak of nature.

"Freak of Nurture"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

A second head, third arm, third leg,
Or conjoined twin that has died:
Physical deformity is seen as disgusting,
But pales to what is inside.

Being dwarf in stature, I am not sure
Can compare to being small of mind.
And often those with perfect eyes
Are the ones most truly blind.

A second face may seem out of place
And a gruesome physical woe,
But worse is the face some hide inside,
Their true personas, you'd fear to know.

Cleft of palate is on the ballot
As being in need of correction,
But racism, sexism, and homophobia
Would get my vote in that election.

Outward deformities pale to enormities,
And often hide a gentle soul;
But physical beauty is no guarantee,
And could hide a heart made of coal.

Natural freaks elicit gasps and shrieks,
They're the ones that steal the show.
But the real monsters grow in the soul,
So how are we to know?
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"I Envy The Stone"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

I envy the stone.
It is matter, and thus energy, and thus alive,
Yet it does not think.
It does not feel.
Or if it does, it thinks simple thoughts,
The thoughts and feelings of a stone.
Thoughts simpler than words, or images,
Thoughts simpler than any feeling we can imagine.

So often, when imagining a consciousness unfathomable by us,
We look to the gods, the goddesses.
We look up.
How often do we look down?
What does an ant think? What does it feel?
What does an aphid believe to be real?
What does a stone think and feel?
Is there an answer we can know,
Is there an answer there for me?
Or is it like trying to imagine a color we can't see?

We think we are so smart, we humans,
With our philosophies and buildings,
Our religions and our tools,
Yet we cannot fathom the thoughts of a stone.
So we call it 'inanimate' to cover our inadequacy.

And life as a human is so fraught with stress,
So fraught with pain,
Forever crowded and forever alone,
That I don't want to live in this mess,
Or be in this brain,
I just want to trade places with a stone.


Feb. 8th, 2014 12:42 am
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Why does anyone hate gay people? Like, gay men… so some guys stick their meat wands into various orifices in other gay men, so what? If you’re not gay all you have to do is say so. “Sorry, I only put my meat wand into female meat caverns, but thank you for thinking I am aesthetically pleasing enough for you to begin courting behavior at me.” “That’s alright, I’ll just move on.” It’s as simple as that. Most women don’t care when other women like to whip their mouth meat against the vulva’s nerve hub, so why do so many men have homophobia?

Besides... most men who fear homosexuals are hideous blighters anyway, and have about as much chance of being “hit on” by gay men as a maggot has of turning into a bazooka.
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The other day, I was thinking that I wish I could be a Vrayshra for real. But then I thought about it some more, and realized that I'd have to also wish for a tame phoenix to go with that wish. Why? Because Vrayshra do not just eat meat. Like the Wraith of Stargate Atlantis, we eat the life-force of our prey. We do not eat sentients, though, as it is dishonorable and unethical. But I got to thinking about it... being a Vrayshra on Earth would be difficult, without a tame phoenix to feed from.1 You see, that life force powers our magic, and we use our magic to hunt and shapeshift. The amount of life-force we can get out of a prey is relative to the prey species' lifespan would be without us eating it. In other words, the longer lived the species, the more we get out of it. So... if we were to be a real, biological Vrayshra on Earth without a phoenix to feed from, it would be hard. We'd feed on the seagulls, pigeons, and rodents at first, but all of those are rather short-lived, so it would hardly be worth the effort. We could feed off the English Ivy that plagues the area, but again, it might not be worth the effort; or barely so. We have too much respect for redwoods and sequoias to go off in search of those for food, and that food wouldn't last terribly long either. Same goes for galapagos tortoises.

So, basically, we would be forced to feed off of humans, which - as stated - is dishonorable and unethical. We might try to mitigate the dishonor a bit by feeding off of dangerous individuals and unsavory political or entertainment people like Glenn Beck, but, well... not only is the amount of life force we can get out of a prey dependant on its potential lifespan, it's also affected by how much of its life has already passed, meaning children and infants would be much better meals than adult humans. Since that would be an abhorrent dishonor, we wouldn't want to do that. Hence the need for a phoenix: we could feed off a phoenix as much as we wanted to without hurting it.

1 = Phoenixes have infinite lifespan, so they have infinite life-force. A Vrayshra could feed off a phoenix several times a day for thousands (nay, millions or billion) of years without hurting it. (That is, if Vrayshra lived that long.)
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Pi: As you may know, Negarahn and I (who technically share this journal, despite Negarahn almost never posting) are predators. Our people are carnivores. My people, the Vrayshra, eat not only meat but also the life-force of our prey. Negarahn is a Duenicallo; Duenicallo are carnivores who live on Traipah. Both of us share a similar honor/ethics system:

1. Killing for food or self-defense (or the defense of others) is good. With one exception: both Duenicallo and Vrayshra believe that killing sentients for food is dishonorable. Eating a sentient that has died of other causes is different, though, if it is allowed by that sentient before it died, or by its surviving people. In fact, many Duenicallo and Ah'Koi Bahnis who live together have a custom of the AKB giving their dead to the Duenicallo to dispose of, and consider being eaten after they die to be a great honor.

2. Killing for the sheer sake of it is dishonorable. Killing for trophies only is dishonorable. If you are not going to eat it, and it isn't threatening you or another of your people, don't kill it.

3. Using all parts of an animal you've killed is honorable. Wasting any of it is dishonorable... with the exception of being unable to eat all one's meat, and throwing away just a little bit, or if the meat goes bad and you have to throw it out. Especially if you say a prayer for the wasted bits.

4. Killing a predator species because they are being a nuisance to you by killing your domestic animals is dishonorable and an affront to predators in general. There are better ways to deal with the situation. Resorting to killing a predatory species for feeding off your own prey shows you are not intelligent enough or honorable enough to respect your rival, especially if you use guns or traps to do it. Traps and guns are cowardly tools. (Of course, I find the whole notion of humans as predators to be amusing. Imagine if a raccoon told you its people were powerful predators. You'd laugh. Humans are nothing but clever, cowardly scavengers who learned they could throw blunt or sharp objects at other animals for extra meat. Hell, they can't even eat that meat raw!)

We got to thinking about this because we went to get something from [ profile] lupabitch today, and from that we saw some of her furcraft in the back, and from seeing that, we got thinking about her furcraft and art. When [ profile] fayanora first saw this art (a wolf skin), she was upset. It was understandable at first, because we were all certain that killing endangered species is illegal. Oddly, we found out from Lupa that wolves are an exception. It is nonsensical to us, and we consider the hunters and farmers who kill wolves to be cowardly and dishonorable... but [ profile] lupabitch is NOT dishonorable. Quite the opposite. She honors the spirits of these animals with her art by making useful and pretty things with their furs, and does not kill them herself, which is honorable.

Negarahn: Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk still ignores Lupa's art posts because she and Molly are still dismayed by it, but Ah'Koi Bahnis moralising is something we Duenicallo are far too used to. Something of a great annoyance to us, seeing as the Ah'Koi Bahnis were far less ethical than we were, until after the Reformation. And there are still large areas of disagreement between us. In many ways, Fayanora is a typical AKB, far too fond of being superior about her people's herbivorous nature, and moralising about those of us who eat meat. She's gotten better since losing the Great Meat Debate, but is still annoying at times. If it had been up to her, Lupa's furcraft would have been a barrier to friendship with her. We are glad it was not hir decision.


Jul. 22nd, 2009 05:38 pm
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Time is an IV tainted by poison. Each drop kills us a little more, but were we to tear it out, we would surely perish.


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