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"I Envy The Stone"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

I envy the stone.
It is matter, and thus energy, and thus alive,
Yet it does not think.
It does not feel.
Or if it does, it thinks simple thoughts,
The thoughts and feelings of a stone.
Thoughts simpler than words, or images,
Thoughts simpler than any feeling we can imagine.

So often, when imagining a consciousness unfathomable by us,
We look to the gods, the goddesses.
We look up.
How often do we look down?
What does an ant think? What does it feel?
What does an aphid believe to be real?
What does a stone think and feel?
Is there an answer we can know,
Is there an answer there for me?
Or is it like trying to imagine a color we can't see?

We think we are so smart, we humans,
With our philosophies and buildings,
Our religions and our tools,
Yet we cannot fathom the thoughts of a stone.
So we call it 'inanimate' to cover our inadequacy.

And life as a human is so fraught with stress,
So fraught with pain,
Forever crowded and forever alone,
That I don't want to live in this mess,
Or be in this brain,
I just want to trade places with a stone.
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"A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi"
By = Pi
(AKA Tristan A. Arts)

The boa constrictor is wound 'round my neck,
And I find my hands are bound;
I'm tied to a large stone,
My blood to water the ground.

I am gagged and cannot speak,
Awaiting the final blow;
I could escape this situation
If only I could grow.

I know that even if I escaped,
One side of the rock is by a cliff;
And the wolves that guard the other side
Will not wait for me to turn stiff.
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I admit, part of this was inspired by the ST:TNG episode about the Iconians. The rest is inspired by my ideal body: an Omni-Daemon can not only shapeshift, but can convert its body into any kind of matter or energy it so desires. Omni-Daemons even have spirit forms; they can drop their body altogether and make a new one from existing matter and energy (dangerous) or can convert their body's energy into pure spirit energy.

"Daemon of Air and Darkness"
By Svaenohr (Tristan Arts)

I float light as a breeze.
A Daemon of air and darkness,
I dance through the sky.
Stars are my stepping-stones,
And I sing with the trees.

I dance like a breeze-blown drape.
A Daemon of heat and flame,
I radiate power into the night.
Logs are my roots, my bones,
And I am devoid of set shape.

I sink into the soil and stone.
A Daemon of earth and rock,
I rest from my exertions.
Within the earth I alight,
And here I make my nest, my home.

I slink serpentinely, I flow.
A Daemon of liquid and life,
I quench the thirst of my brethren.
My patience wears down even rock,
And I have power few can know.

I move at the speed of thought, I Am.
A Daemon of spirit and energy,
I dance through the universe.
Galaxies are my stepping stones,
And formless, shapeless I am.


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