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Okay, so in many ways I identify with animals. I make animal sounds sometimes, like growls, hisses, purrs, and so on. I also identify with dark creatures like demons, vampires, dragons, and other non-human sentient beings. I am, after all, Otherkin; a shape-shifter, in my case.

However, I also identify to some extent with humans, seeing as the body is one, and given the level of my intelligence and lack of other species on this planet with human level or greater intelligence that we are able to communicate with.

And I do identify as a man. Well... like the demon character Sahjhan (in the TV show Angel) says1, "Man in the masculine sense of the word." And, more importantly, man as in a reasoning being. And, more importantly still, a gentleman. I crave blood, yes; but I would only drink from willing donors. I sometimes look on my fellow human beings like walking meat, but I do not attack them. When lust fills my body, I feel a powerful animal urge to mate... but I do so with willing partners only. I like to bite during sex, but only if my partner enjoys being bitten. And I always employ safewords. So, a gentleman.

Which is why I, as a man and a gentleman, find it insulting and repugnant that this culture keeps saying men cannot control their baser desires, that they cannot help but rape. This is the worst kind of shit imaginable, and every man who is not a rapist should be offended.

But do NOT take this offence out on women! Many women say things like "all men are rapists," but most of them know, intellectually, that such is not the case. However, when one has been attacked enough times, it is understandable to treat all men as potential attackers. After all, rapists look the same as any other man; you cannot tell who is a rapist by looking. Worse, when the culture excuses brutish behavior like rape, it becomes even harder. Many rapists do not even think of themselves as rapists, and it is because rape culture has taught them to think of women as walking, talking sex toys.

Men, listen to me. Women are not here for your pleasure. They are NOT sex toys. They are people just like you, with wants and needs just like you. They want respect, they need to feel safe, and they deserve to have those things.

One reason I find rape culture so repugnant2 is where it starts: "boys will be boys." No, boys will be how they are taught to be. If you teach boys that they can get away with beastly behavior towards girls, then they will grow into beast-men who act beastly toward women; and it will only get worse with time. It is NOT inherent in human nature for men to be beasts, and you should be so offended by the suggestion as to spit in the eyes of anyone who suggests such a thing.

I use terms like "beastly" because while most animals do not rape, some do. There are entire species that have been reproducing nearly exclusively by rape for a very long time, such as ducks and bedbugs. Bedbugs have a hard, barbed penis with which they stab the females (and sometimes males, since it is hard to tell them apart) in the abdomen, impregnating them by force. If you would have sex with a woman lacking her enthusiastic "yes!", if you would pressure a woman into sex, if you would attack a woman to pleasure yourself, then you are the human equivalent of a bedbug. You are a disgusting insect, a parasite. Worse than that, even! Bedbugs, after all, have thousands - maybe millions - of years of evolution and instincts to account for their behavior. But you can think, you can choose. And if you choose to rape, you are choosing to be a bedbug; you are choosing to be the lowest vermin on the planet.

So in all your dealings with women, try to remember that they are human beings with thoughts, emotions, and a need for respect and safety. If you have a desire to have sex with an unwilling or reluctant woman, or if you desire to catcall a woman, or to make a sexual remark towards a woman who is not your lover, then ask yourself: Do I chose to be a man, or do I choose to be a bedbug?

Trust me, not only can you get a girlfriend/wife by treating women like human beings, and talking with them like human beings, but it is in fact the most sure-fire way of getting a girlfriend and keeping one. If you wish to mate, you must be a human being, and not a parasitic insect. Be a gentleman, please! You have a brain, you have reason. YOU ARE A MAN, NOT A BEAST! ACT LIKE IT!

1 = Daniel Holtz: Then be a man and show your face.
Sahjhan: I'm not a man. What I mean is...
Daniel Holtz: You're not human.
Sahjhan: But clearly masculine. You get that, right?

2 = Words are insufficient sometimes. There should be a word 100 times worse than "repugnant." It should make people puke several times in a row whenever they hear it, so they know the depth of my disgust.


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