Nov. 19th, 2014 05:19 pm
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Saw this image on Tumblr, it inspired me to write a story:

The universe was in danger, in danger of being eaten by a powerful evil force. So all the galaxies in the universe condensed themselves down into a human form by folding space. The human universe sat, cold and lonely on a rogue planet for centuries, waiting for the danger to pass. Then one day, Xe knew Xe was safe. In one glorious burst of light, followed by a continuous and less intense light, the galaxies poured out of their human shell and back into spacetime. But their human form was still alive, and still lonely. So the galaxies reached down from the heavens and touched xir head. From the place they touched sprang forth life onto the planet, which was now orbiting a sun. And before long, there were other humans on the planet, and the vessel of the universe was no longer lonely. Xe died decades later, xer children and grandchildren watching over xer. And so the human vessel of the universe died happy, returning to the universe from whence xe came.

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Aug. 17th, 2012 06:42 pm
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By = Lord Pyrayton

When the noise of human life
Becomes to much to bear,
I glide away in pale moon light
My wings a whisper in the air.

Skeletal and gently creaking,
Eerie in full moon's glow,
The trees they whisper, softly speaking
Of secrets only they can know.

The chill, it thrills my very soul,
The cold wind nibbles at me;
Winter tries to devour me whole,
But its bleak beauty sets me free.

Deeper now I travel on,
Into the thickest wood;
Now the moonlight's all but gone,
Yet lighter grows my mood.

In places that would petrify
And creep out most mundanes,
I feel at home, I can't deny,
The night is in my veins.

For all my life, I hope you see,
Through darkness do I wend;
I swim through it, and it through me,
The darkness is my friend.

In the night, my only fear,
The most vicious beasts I'm fleeing!
The reason I escape to here,
Is other human beings.

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