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This "blog" of mine consists mainly of pictures I find aesthetically pleasing, and poetry that I write on a whim. Older entries show a proclivity toward obsessing over meat, but as the others in our collective have long since bowed to the inevitable need of the collective body for animal protein, such entries no longer occur. Thus ceased one of few topics I was able to speak about with anything resembling regularity.

Those few baubles and creative outbursts that do populate my blog are not in as much abundance as I would like. This is my rather obfuscated way of expressing a desire for ideas and aesthetically pleasing pictures with which to populate my blog. In short, I desire things to post about, and would appreciate ideas. I would even appreciate "meme" questions to fill out and post, so long as said memes are not inordinately long or inordinately inane. There is enough inanity upon this web of electrons as it is. I desire substance. I suppose this means that my desire for meat is a figurative desire as well as a literal one.

Do note, if you desire to aid me in my quest for visual aesthetics, that mine is a darker aesthetic. I am a creature of the cool, the dark, and the damp. I am a "monster," and take the forms of monsters, and thus the unusual and the monstrous is what most appeals to me. But I am not one for cheap, easy scares. I appreciate things which give one a quiet, prickling sense of eeriness, like walking in the woods on a dark and quiet night in winter. Or the sensation, when alone, of an unseen presence in the room. I was wild once, but I have long since become a quiet soul.

Anyway, I shall cease my rambling utterances now and allow you to decide if you wish to help my quest. I should like to conclude with a pre-emptive "thank you." Be thou well, fellow traveler.

One last more thing before I sign off: re-reading this entry, others in the collective find themselves favorably impressed with my manner of speaking, and would like to hear more. If you agree with their assessment, please articulate your agreement in a comment. If you like my way of speaking, please give me topics which I can speak upon.

I would also appreciate your opinion if you dislike my manner of speech. I will doubtless ignore such dislike, but would still appreciate knowing of it.

*Sigh* Though I already expressed final sentiments, I am driven by circumstance to elucidate one final thing: the others in our collective noting, with feigned surprise, that a creature so fond of making animal noises such as hisses, growls, and the like, can - at the same time - be so articulate. This is, perhaps, a point which would come up from some other source one way or another. I am unsure how to respond to this thought, except to chuff with annoyance and indignation. Please imagine me doing so, if you have not already.
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This is a test. And if it works right, I will leave it as a way of saying that I am now on Dreamwidth. Anyone on LiveJournal who is also on Dreamwidth, please friend me.

I got a Dreamwidth because I am tired of LiveJournal breaking down. This way, if LJ is not working, there is still Dreamwidth.


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