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Nov. 13th, 2014 07:58 am
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I had a dream the other night, an old familiar topic.

First I will have to tell you about the previous dreams. They were about this life form that was like a cross between the various monstrous creatures in Resident Evil, and the creature in The Thing. They spread across the world like a plague, eating anything that moved and was alive, especially humans.

They were shape-shifters, too, and over the course of the initial dreams several years ago, they went from mindless hordes of hungry monsters to being extremely clever, so clever they could pretend to be humans and were so good at it, they could fool a person's own mother. I think in one dream the humans even tried the infamous blood test from The Thing and from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, but these creatures, which I shall call The Horde, were able to pass the blood test. They were also all psychically linked in a great hive mind.

And there was no escaping them. They took over the ecosystem, even replacing the plants. (What they ate after all the original life forms died out, I have no idea; probably each other.) The dreams were usually some variation on "these are the last humans on the planet, and they are being hunted as The Horde gets cleverer and cleverer. And since The Horde is everywhere, there are very few places to hide; and even those aren't safe anymore."

These dreams would have been horror, nightmares even, to most people. To me, they were merely entertaining. It was fun watching the humans run from The Horde, and get eaten gruesomely. It was amusing, the fear of the last humans as they died one by one. Ah yes, and there was the one dream when one human and his most trusted friend found the last safe place on Earth and locked themselves in, nobody could get in or out. Once it was certain that nothing could get in or out, his trusted friend grinned an unnaturally toothy smile at him, revealing herself to be one of The Horde, just before attacking. I believe that one woke me up laughing.

Anyway, there wasn't anything special about this latest dream, except that it reminded me of the others, which I had long since forgotten about. Another standard Horde dream. The only thing special about it was that all Horde specimens in this dream were taking the form of velociraptors for some reason. Otherwise, it was a pretty standard Horde dream, though not as complex or as interesting as previous Horde dreams.

Oh, I also just remembered, the complexity of the stories in the Horde dreams were superb, as I recall. Would have made blockbuster horror films, for sure, each one of them. Like, I think there was one early on in the series where the Horde turned out to be something being kept in a lab, except that instead of having been made by humans, there had been a secret government experiment to send a manned mission into Hell. One small specimen of the Horde was brought back. It escaped into the rest of the compound and proceeded to wreck havoc and mayhem, multiplying at an alarming rate and almost taking over the base. Only difference was, these specimens did not shape-shift.

In the end, the humans managed to find something to fight it, fire I think. Though there was only a handful of humans left out of a previous compliment of a few hundred people, they managed to sterilize the base...

...except that they didn't. They only thought they did. In classic cinematic form, there was a trusty canine companion throughout the dream, who managed to survive. After the quarantine was lifted, the doggy was put into the back yard, and when the human wasn't looking, it escaped. The last thing I saw before waking up was the dog looking back and grinning like an evil maniac, a spark of malign intelligence and a telltale red glow in its eyes.
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Dream containing horrible, hideous, flesh-eating monster ripping human throats out and devouring their corpses: Pleasant entertainment.

Dream with human serial killer threatening my family: wake up screaming, in cold sweat, have PTSD-type flashbacks for weeks.

I have, in fact, had dreams where I *was* a horrible, hideous, flesh-eating monster that was eating humans. And those dreams please me.


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