Jan. 26th, 2014 07:50 pm
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The actors on Supernatural keep mis-pronouncing "Abaddon" as "Ab-ih-don," when it should rhyme with "Uh Maddon." Honestly, no wonder I got her name wrong the other day! I think I should write them and tell them they're saying it wrong. "Ab-ih-don" is how you pronounce Abydon, the Egyptian city, not Abaddon the demon. Sheesh! Abaddon is "uh-bad-dun."
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I am a creature of the darkness, the coolness, the quiet, and the moistness. I can live without the moistness. I can tolerate bright light, as long as I have my sunglasses and maybe a hat on. But I have very low tolerance for heat and noise. The heat makes me irritable in the extreme. It was 99 F earlier, with no breeze, and even in the shade I was so damned uncomfortable that when the driver of the bus I was supposed to get told me he wasn't in service, I almost grabbed ahold of the bus and shouted, "YOU'RE LETTING ME ON NOW!" But I refrained. I growled, though. It was 10 minutes for the next one, and I was ready to rip someone's throat out by the time it finally came.

If I'd known it was going to be that damned hot out, I would have stayed in the darkness and coolness of my apartment. I may not have air conditioning, but I keep my apartment so dark during the day that the living room is a full 20 degrees cooler, I think, than the outside.

As for noise... noise can give me powerful headaches. It can exhaust me. Especially psychic noise. Human beings are toxic to me, some more than others. I can take that toxicity in small doses and be fine, but in large doses they tend to leave me in a mess. Yet I find I have a higher tolerance for people who are pagan, left-hand path, pagan-friendly, or LHP-friendly. They put out less toxic psychic noise, for some reason.
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The people who run corporations aren't much different from the Ferengi. All they care about it their short-term profits. Here the economy is suffering, people losing jobs, and the banks not only get a bailout but they also raise what were supposed to be fixed interest rates, and generally screwing over their clients.

Then there are insurance companies. The whole point of insurance is to pay up when it's needed. Why get into the insurance company if you're not going to pay the people who need it?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the health care industry, charging 10 times more for things than they really cost, doctors mostly playing golf and shit.

If they were looking at the long-term, the banks would ease up on their customers, hospitals would charge reasonable fees, and insurance companies would actually do what they get paid to do. But humans do not seem to be long-sighted creatures.


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:39 pm
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*ROARS* I am so damned annoyed with mail.com not sending me my notifications from LiveJournal - no matter what I try - that I am switching to Gmail! I apologize if I have not answered you, mail.com sucks.


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