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Some of the people Lilla hangs out with have beliefs that, when those beliefs are expressed, pull me out of my torpor, make me raise my hackles, or worse. A conversation just a few minutes ago had me about ready to start hissing and growling at the guy. I even felt myself shift into a draconic form with green, vaguely porcupine-like quills, ready to attack if necessary. Some kinds of belief just feel like an attack to me.
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The people who run corporations aren't much different from the Ferengi. All they care about it their short-term profits. Here the economy is suffering, people losing jobs, and the banks not only get a bailout but they also raise what were supposed to be fixed interest rates, and generally screwing over their clients.

Then there are insurance companies. The whole point of insurance is to pay up when it's needed. Why get into the insurance company if you're not going to pay the people who need it?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the health care industry, charging 10 times more for things than they really cost, doctors mostly playing golf and shit.

If they were looking at the long-term, the banks would ease up on their customers, hospitals would charge reasonable fees, and insurance companies would actually do what they get paid to do. But humans do not seem to be long-sighted creatures.


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:39 pm
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*ROARS* I am so damned annoyed with not sending me my notifications from LiveJournal - no matter what I try - that I am switching to Gmail! I apologize if I have not answered you, sucks.


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