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I am very frustrated lately. The burning death orb in the sky, with its rays like molten acid, pollutes the air with a miasma of devilish heat that causes my brain to go torpid. I am nocturnal, a creature of the dark and the cool. These things awaken me, while the heat is a sort of soporific. One would think I could simply shut the curtains and sleep in the day as I usually do. But no, it is not that simple by far. Because for me, sleep is extremely difficult under these conditions. The heat makes me sleepy, but unable to easily get to sleep, or stay asleep. Mainly because it is too hot to sleep without the fan, but the fan makes me too cold at the speed I need it. (I sleep with a cpap, and I cannot sleep with the noise it makes, so the fan must be on high to drown out the sound so I can sleep. Nothing else works.)

I have tried turning the fan away from me, it does not help. I have tried sleeping under sheets; this does not work because then I am still too cold under two of them. If I use a blanket, I become too hot again.

I have tried sleeping nude, tried sleeping with various kinds of clothes on, but it makes no difference. Either I sweat like mad, too hot to sleep, or I am too cold. There is no in between. And so, it takes forever to get to sleep. I fall asleep only when I am too exhausted to do otherwise.

And where I normally sleep six hours, go to the restroom, sleep another three hours or more, now I am up after six hours. Sometimes sooner. The other day, I had less than four hours sleep, was up for over twenty hours before going back to sleep.

Some days, I am forced to take sleeping aids. Preferably while the room is still cool, for otherwise the sleeping aids do not help either.

Winter cannot come fast enough. I would rather it were below freezing in my room, at least then I could be warm under many blankets, cook when I please, and bundle up. Or turn the heat to something reasonable, like 75. (I prefer no higher than 70 or 72 when awake, my sleeping body prefers 75, and no higher. It has been in the upper 80s and lower 90s lately.

So lately, if I could murder the sun, I would do so, and do it gladly. World be damned.
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