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“Capitalism Is Cannibalism”
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr and [personal profile] alex_antonin

Our empire is carved from the flesh of our brothers and sisters.
Capitalism is colonialism, humanity carving itself into pieces.
Capitalism is autophagia, humanity eating the pieces it has carved of itself.
Capitalism is cannibalism, humans turned into meat to feed the system.
The system gobbles us up, devouring our hearts and minds and bodies,
And when we're all used up, it shits us out and we're left to fester in the sun.
If you are not an easily wielded and useful tool, you're garbage to the system.
Our elderly, our disabled, our down-on-their-luck, all are treated as shit:
Walked around, stepped on, scraped up, washed away;
A health hazard to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
Not that most of the rest of us are treated much better.

Our empire is built on a foundation of torture.
Colonized peoples terrorized, brutalized, slaughtered like animals in a factory farm,
Experimented on against their will, blamed for all our own sins.
Even now, their numbers whittled away in a continuing genocide,
While you stick your head in the sand and pretend your finger is not on the trigger;
While you hum to yourself and imagine you're not assisting the slaughter.
You are a torture victim yourself, lost in comforting delusions,
Delusions of a world where racism, sexism, and exploitation are relics of the past;
A world where poverty is laziness, which means it can never happen to you;
A world where there is no system; only people, only freedom,
So you will not have to open your eyes to the ongoing atrocities all around you.

Our empire is built on a bedrock of exploitation.
All that is inviolable is violated, plundered, packaged, and devoured.
A lucky few are born into obscene wealth, swimming in piles of money,
And claiming that it all came from their own hard work,
When really, they stole it from other people's hard labor:
From people working over 40 hours a week in 2 jobs but still can't afford food,
From people working over food despite a flu because they can't afford sick days,
From people bringing their kids to interviews because they can't afford child care,
From people who are underpaid, screamed at by customers and bosses alike,
Victims of literal wage theft, tip theft, or paid a pittance under the table,
All so their employers can swim in a pile of stolen money.

Our empire is choking the life out of humanity.
The system cannot work if individuality and freedom exist,
So compliance is mandatory, resistance is futile; abnormality will not be tolerated.
Work, consume, breed, and die; work, consume, breed, and die;
You have all the potential of the cosmos, so why are you content to be a worker ant?
Because you know no better - the system defined freedom for you;
We're bound, gagged, and fettered, but it's all we know, so it feels Right.
It's all we know, so we inflict this torture on others, thinking we are doing Good.
Even our own children, we torture the souls and minds right out of them,
Our schools are prisons, the only thing they teach is mindless obedience;
Capitalism is violence, and it is killing our future.
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