Apr. 2nd, 2015

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“The Universe Is A Poem”
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

The universe is a poem of unknowable complexity and size;
We see very little of it with our ears and nose and eyes.
We are deaf and blind and noseless in an eternal abyss,
We would need 1000 senses just to guess something amiss.

We do not hear the chorus in the heavens all around,
The music of the stars as they sing their song unbound.
Nor the planets as they add their own bits to the symphony,
We are deaf and blind and noseless in a vast eternity.

We are as dust mites on the skin of men within a world
Where giants walk among them, mountains getting hurled
In wars even they can't fathom, so how in Hell could we?
And we quibble over silly things like land, ideas, money.

Yet if, somehow, these giants vast cared for us at all,
And tried to speak to us, would we understand their call?
Perhaps the sun screams into the abyss with a roar of plasma fire,
And we pretend there’s nothing amiss, and ignore the warnings dire?

They are great and vast and old, these giants out in space,
And all we are is talking meat in a meaningless rat race.
The universe, it does not care, we are of no importance.
No matter what we do, the giants continue their dance.


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