Feb. 3rd, 2015

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Homophobia. Such an unassuming word, a TARDIS of letters.
A word used to make their deeds seem a bit better.
An abuse of language that adds to the crime.
A self-serving, self-righteous waste of good breath.
I have caulrophobia, but I've never beat a clown to death.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 07:40 am
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By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

I wish to live a life so bold, that none would dare to hurt me,
To make you fear that before I grew cold, my soul would rise to eat thee!
      A malignant spirit tearing muscle and skin,
      Covered in gore, with a murderous grin,
      Howling into the sky at night,
      All who hear it fleeing in fright!

I wish to live a life so grand, that upon the day I die,
Men, women, and children in every land would wail, scream, and cry.
      A maleficent specter swooping down from the skies,
      Causing unending nightmares of burning red eyes,
      A giant red skull trailing fires from Hell,
      No magic can save you, not a single true spell!

I wish to live a life so free, that all would envy my might,
Wishing they could join my spree, and - like me - take flight.
      Malicious ghouls cackling with glee,
      Every one of us utterly free!
      A future land where all that crawls, swims, or flies,
      Will live in terror of the haunted night skies!

I wish to live a life so dire, that it would end the human race,
All your souls consumed in fire, terror frozen on your face!
      And the only thing sentient left on the land,
      Are animals fleeing what they can't understand.
      Will you join me in my escape to the skies?
      Will you join me when, dead, I rise?


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