Oct. 31st, 2014

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"The Fire is Ashes"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

Devour my flesh.
Do not hesitate,
Do not worry.
I will not be harmed,
For I was electrons pulling meat strings,
But the puppet master has left;
Only meat remains,
So devour it.
Devour me.

Devour my flesh, so I may live in you,
So I may feel the air through you,
So I may drink water through you.
Devour my flesh, so I may fuck through you,
And suck through you,
Live and breathe and love through you,
Even though the fire is ashes,
And the ashes are grown cold.

Please, devour my flesh,
For I have no wish to return to the soil yet.
Immortality through cannibalism:
It is pale compared to living,
But what can be done?

Cook my meat, and eat it,
So I may briefly feel warmth again.
So I may briefly feel alive again.
My meat in your belly,
It becomes one with your meat.
My atoms in your muscles,
Your heart, your brain.
Living again.

I have no wish to be eaten by any being lesser than you.
The conqueror worm is noble,
But though it is alive,
It doesn't really live.
You do.

Please grant me this last request, then,
And devour me after I die.
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"I Envy The Stone"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

I envy the stone.
It is matter, and thus energy, and thus alive,
Yet it does not think.
It does not feel.
Or if it does, it thinks simple thoughts,
The thoughts and feelings of a stone.
Thoughts simpler than words, or images,
Thoughts simpler than any feeling we can imagine.

So often, when imagining a consciousness unfathomable by us,
We look to the gods, the goddesses.
We look up.
How often do we look down?
What does an ant think? What does it feel?
What does an aphid believe to be real?
What does a stone think and feel?
Is there an answer we can know,
Is there an answer there for me?
Or is it like trying to imagine a color we can't see?

We think we are so smart, we humans,
With our philosophies and buildings,
Our religions and our tools,
Yet we cannot fathom the thoughts of a stone.
So we call it 'inanimate' to cover our inadequacy.

And life as a human is so fraught with stress,
So fraught with pain,
Forever crowded and forever alone,
That I don't want to live in this mess,
Or be in this brain,
I just want to trade places with a stone.


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