Oct. 27th, 2014

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"Prison of Flesh and of Bone"
By = Pyrayton Svaenohr

Ever since my day of birth,
I have tried to flee this earth,
For never has it been my home,
My body a prison of flesh and of bone.

Explain myself? Where to begin?
Never comfortable in my own skin!
Twitching, itching, whether dirty or clean,
It makes me want to fucking scream!
I go for months feeling relatively well,
Then suddenly I feel like Hell,
Like wearing a necklace for months with no ire,
When suddenly it burns like fire,
And though the thing has slack in spades,
It feels like a wire of blades,
Cutting off my air til I cut it away,
With little relief, I still feel the same way!

Can't even eat what I want anymore,
Or sleep for long without feeling sore;
When I'm clothed I want to run around nude,
But I can't, for you humans consider that rude.

I've no desire to end my life,
No matter how it fills me with strife,
But this body is like a tangle of thorns,
And it drives me mad being monoform!

I envy the bird that flies from the trees,
Free upon the invisible breeze;
I even envy the air, free of repression,
This damnable body filling me with aggression!

I want to run like the cheetah or flee like the hare,
Without having to fight to get enough air.
I want to float like a raincloud in the sky so free,
Or stand tall and proud in the earth as a tree.

I want to climb a tree as a cat or a bear,
Or be the sunlight in the ocean's glare!
Or be a panda eating bamboo,
I want to be whatever I set my mind to!

But instead I'm stuck here in this sack of meat,
My ribs are prison bars that trap my heartbeat.
This monoform meat puppet drives me insane,
I feel nothing for it but contempt and disdain!

Let me out! I am trapped! Let my hardship abate!
What did I do to deserve this cruel fate?
I just want to escape - like a trapped cyclone -
This bottle, this prison of flesh and of bone.


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